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Current European refugee crisis is one of the biggest threats to the European Project (Angela Merkel, 2015). Indeed, the media is full of scenes with thousands of people flocking to Europe from the war zones looking for better life. However, more often than not they end up in the place that does not want to use their potential, let alone welcome them.

How to avoid that? The refugees must be integrated. Their potential is an opportunity for growth. Therefore, the project “Together: Refugees & Youth” (TRY) has been started. In essence, TRY aims to create a special programme in which youth workers would include refugees in their work with youth. 

This way, youth would get a chance to develop in a multicultural environment; thus building up their tolerance and increasing multilingualism. Meanwhile, the refugees would integrate into the society faster, since the youth would help them with the local language, culture and traditions.

Total duration of all TRY activities, which will take place in Latvia, Lithuania and Croatia, is 2 years (from June 2016 to May 2018) These can be grouped into the following:

  • Research on the best ways to integrate refugees into youth work
  • Staff training for the pilot programme
  • Creating methodology of how to include refugees into youth work & setting-up web-platform to help that
  • Multiplier events to promote the methodology, match the refugees and youth workers and prepare for the pilot
  • Pilot programme that will test the methodology in a variety of events for youth in Latvia and Lithuania
  • Social Business Idea Challenge (SBIC) – competition for youth to develop their business ideas aimed at helping refugees
  • ‘Refugee-friendly’ badge (RFb) creation to award organisations working with refugees
Further dissemination & continuation activities (e.g. crowdfunding to further support refugee integration to youth work)


TRY will produce a range of tangible results, among which the most important are:

methodology and standards for youth work to include refugees

SBIC and generated business ideas that could be turned to social enterprises

RFb that would serve as recognition for companies / institutions that help refugees

a web-platform, which will store main project resources and include a crowdfunding section

These products are going to impact the target audiences (refugees, youth and youth workers) in all the project countries. Firstly, local youth work will be improved by involving refugees with their skills and experience. This will, in turn, add up to qualifications of the youth workers. Both participating refugees and youth will also improve skills & competencies, extend their social networks, foster multilingualism and become less xenophobic. All of which will have a positive impact on their future careers & life.

Looking from a purely refugees’ perspective, they will be able to integrate faster. TRY’s results will also give more recognition of similar social initiatives aiming to support refugees. Ideally, this could lead to a more favorable public opinion towards refugees.

partners on the project

“Active Youth” Association (Asociacija “Aktyvus jaunimas”) is a non-profit organization based in Kaunas that unites young leaders from Lithuania willing to work on a voluntary basis to facilitate an intercultural dialogue and enhance competence of the European youth. We help young people to improve their skills and social awareness, share experiences and ideas, integrate them within the multinational environment of the EU, facilitate cooperation, create new joint initiatives, increase their social awareness, and promote healthy lifestyle. In our projects we always try to involve youth from ethnic minorities, migrants, those struggling financially, having difficulties to find suitable education or work, having social issues, as well as discriminated youth.
You can find more information on the association in the web:

Baltic Youth Way aim is to encourage young people to become more creative, and dare to do what they love the most, to promote singing and dancing traditions, as well as to encourage youngsters to learn traditional crafts, for example pottery, blacksmith and so onWe wish to promote non formal education, especially in the rural regions, where young people have limited access to higher or professional education, social entrepreneurship to encourage people who are being unemployed or haven't decided yet what would they like to do, to become entrepreneurs and employ themselves and other people from their regions or towns We provide information about different activities for youth in Latvia and other countries to give them chance to learn and develop new skills, learn foreign languages and express themselves in fields of art, music, traditional crafts and many otherVery important aim for us, is to unify all young people of all nationalities living in the Baltic's, creativity, traditions, culture and inspiration is what we wish to promote You can follow our activities and find the information about events here:

Brodoto is a social enterprise based in Croatia. We specialise in campaigns, design and media and work exclusively with non-profits and socially responsible companies.

We are co-founders of the Crowdfunding Academy, educational program through which we've educated more than 50 organisations and initiatives about crowdfunding campaigns and helped funding more than $200,000 for various social projects. We are also the founders of the Zagreb Crowdfunding Convention, the only international event on crowdfunding in our country.

Through our crowdfunding campaign Lighten the Load For Syrian Mothers  we helped producing and delivering more than 1000 baby slings to refugee families travelling the Balkan route, while through an advocacy campaign "Be Human" we prompted solidarity among Croatian citizens at the time of emergence of the refugee crisis.

VSI Integracijos Centras is a non-profit non-governmental organization aimed at the social integration of minorities in Lithuania. The organization believes that they key to welfare, stability, democracy and tolerance is the successful integration of all the social and ethnic groups into society. Apart from working with other minority groups (sexual, religious, gender, age, etc.), currently we are focusing on ethnic minorities, mainly refugees that have fewer opportunities and are constantly coming to Europe.

More info:

The mission of Institute is to contribute to development of youth policy and it's stakeholders in Lithuania, EU and beyond. Our main activities: Research of public policies; Consultations on youth policy development; Operational performance and quality improvement of organizations; Capacity building and trainings. Institute for Policy research and analysis cooperates closely with Lithuanian Council of Youth NGOs (LiJOT), youth NGOs and NGOs working in the field of Human Rights education, Department of Youth affairs and Ministry of Social security and Labour, numerous municipalities in Lithuania, We have cooperation agreements with numerous universities and educational institutions across Europe, agreement with Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius foresees joint development of youth policy and research think tank. During the years of activities (from 2011) Institute has conducted more than 45 training courses on youth policy, youth work, youth participation, cross-ministerial cooperation, ToT, communication. We have developed analysis on Integrated youth policy in Lithuania at national level. We developed study on youth participation in civil society in EaP region and Comparative reviews of National Youth Reports submitted by Member States on the implementation of the first work cycle of the EU Youth Strategy 2010-2012. To promote evidence-based and participatory policy making in 2014 Institute implemented youth situation and needs research in Gyumri, Armenia.


key staff

Gediminas Kondrackis

Director of the Association. Studied in Universiteit van Amsterdam and Universidade Nova de Lisboia. This has not only given him strong educational basis but has also taught him how to communicate with people coming from different cultural and social backgrounds. Being involved in all the association’s activities, Gediminas now has extensive experience to help refugees integrate into youth work.

Paulius Jurgutis

Co-founder of the Association. Young leader with a lot of international experience that was acquired during his studies in Stockholm School of Economics and Norwegian School of Economics. Together with other members, Paulius has coordinated all the youth exchanges and trainings within the association.

Justinas Liaudinskas

The founder of the NGO Integration Centre. He is a young leader, who has gained substantial educational experience in Denmark (Copenhagen Business School – BSc International Business and Politics), the USA (Benedictine University), Italy (Ca Foscari University – MSc Business, Sports Management, Communication and Marketing), as well as professional credentials working in different international companies and industries. Justinas Liaudinskas possesses considerable international knowledge of the social and cultural issues and  acts towards providing solutions to those issues. 

Nerijus Miginis

Current affiliation: Co-founder, trainer, expert and researcher at Institute for Policy Research and Lithuania. Field(s) of expertise: Youth policy, European youth policy, Youth research, Advocacy and Campaigning, Youth work, Non-formal education, Participation, Strategic management and Project management. Working experience in EU, EEE and EECA regions and experience in capacity building of civil servants, civil society organizations, business companies and local communities. Relevant studies and/or professional achievements Masters degree on Education Policy and Research in Vilnius University (2010-2012). Developing Lithuanian Youth worker certification methodology (2008-2013). Research and methodologies on the topic of Cross-sectorial cooperation (2011-2016). Expert developing Non-Formal Education Quality guidelines for Lithuania (2016).

Marius Ulozas

Director of Institute for Policy Research and Analysis, active in international development work, especially related to intercultural learning, youth policy and tourism. Marius is expert in democracy, participation issues, acts as education adviser to Council of Europe, European Commission.

Marius is working as a researcher, policy analyst, freelance trainer and moderator. He has moderated international events from China to Ethiopia, from Brusslels to Reykjavik to Nicosia. He was involved in preparation and implementation of large scale events during Lithuanian EU Presidency, including moderation of EU Youth Conference and XII European Tourism Forum.

Marius is active in the advocacy field, recent years has been working a lot in Eastern Partnership countries supporting international mobility, youth policy and youth work development, building capacity of ministries and youth NGOs. 

For active international youth work he was awarded the “Youth ambassador 2005” and 2011 title in Lithuania. Marius contributes in preparing methodological materials for international youth work, writes articles for academic journls and media outlets.

Marko Gregović

Marko is the founder and CEO of the social enterprise Brodoto and co-founder of the Crowdfunding Academy. He is an expert in campaigning and crowdfunding, has founded several civic initiatives, such as Cyclists' Union, and worked on campaigns for organisations such as Greenpeace and European Green Party. He has successfuly crowdfunded even his biking trip to Georgia.

Kristina Lauš

Kristina is a project manager and crowdfunding trainer at social enterprise Brodoto. She has worked on founding the Crowdfunding Academy educational program and led organisation of the Zagreb Crowdfunding Convention for 2 years. She worked on several successful crowdfunding campaigns.