Movie evening for understanding

Movie evening, sharing experiences about Ukraine and importance of religions in connecting people.

As a bunch of young people came together, we decided to do some ice breakers and play some games and name games to introduce ourselves. The spotlight of the evening was a young gentleman from Ukraine, Maks. He shared with us his experience of being away from home, and how living in Latvia helped him become more mature, and to be more precise how living in a multicultural big city like Riga as he mentioned, instead of living in a small village in Ukraine, made him understand that this world is much bigger from what he was imagining. Of course it is not nice to be away from your family and friends, but as he said, everything happens for a reason. As the evening was unfolding, the circle became smaller, the movie linked us to discussions about angels and religions. There were just few people left in the room, but all from different religious and non religious backgrounds – Muslims, Christians, Pagans, non religious – as it appeared. We were not sure what is the main difference or why religion is so important to every day life, but what we concluded was that as long as you respect others beliefs, religion is not a barrier, and no matter your religion, you can still be friends with everyone! And as it seems, great friendships developed that night!