Presentation of research on refugee integration in Lithuania

We have presented research on refugee integration in Lithuania. It got really much attention from youth workers and the media!

In July - October, 2016, the research on the potential of refugee integration through youth work and arising challenges & opportunities related to it was conducted.

This research is a part of Erasmus+ two-year strategic partnership project "Together: Refugees & Youth".

The partners of the project are Politikos tyrimų ir analizės institutas, Association „Aktyvus Jaunimas", VšĮ „Integracijos centras" (all from Lithuania), Baltic YouthWay (Latvia) and Brodoto (Croatia).

Event agenda:

- presentation of the results of the research;

- presentation of the best refugee integration practices in Europe;

- impressions of the youth worker on working with refugees;

- discussion with researchers and youth workers.

- discussion of further project's activities (training for youth workers in December);

Coffee, tea & snacks - on us!

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Discussion will be held in Lithuanian.

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