Social entrepreneurship workshop to boost cooperation among NGO's

Sometimes you just do not follow the plans and instead you just go with the flow! Economical difficulties in Latvia are causing emigration from Latvia to other European countries with higher income level. Thus creating ‘’economical refugees’’. Thus now, when facing with the fact of refugees from conflict areas, coming to Latvia. The attitude from local society is negative.

Refugees who are being moved to Latvia, will most likely face the same problem of economical obstacles, along with other social problems, including housing, integration into labour market, etc. The event gathered creative minded people from various non governmental organizations in Riga, who are working to help various social groups of people. Conversations and group work was done to develop new ideas and stimulate cooperation among the social and NGO workers.

All of the organizations from this profile has the same need – of finances to run their activities and reach their goals. Thus the social entrepreneurship once again is on the spotlight. By cooperating and involving volunteers, the awareness of multiple problems can be raised and work on solving them started. Including the the refugees, they need to find a way how to use their skills in order to employ themselves. One of the ways is social entrepreneurship. Or gaining work experience in the NGO field. That could help them to find a work place and integrate into local society.